Project Description


  • 2 pcs  Searay Mackerel (sliced into halves)
  • Seasoned Salt
  • Cooking Wine


  1. Trim the fish head and divide the Saba into portions
  2. Marinate Saba slices with seasoned salt and Cooking Wine half an hour before cooking
  3. Heat the Pan over medium fire and place the fish slices
  4. Close the lid for about 5 minutes until the fish is cooked (depending thickness of fish slices)
  5. When one side of the fish is brown and flaky
  6. Turn to the other side and cook the same. Close lid for 5 mins and thereafter open the lid
  7. Transfer the cooked fish on a plate and garnish with your favorite greens or salad


  • 2條  海威馬駮魚 (起肉)
  • 調味鹽適量
  • 料酒適量


  1. 馬駮魚去頭、去骨起肉成魚片
  2. 用鹽及料酒醃大約半小時
  3. 燒熱煎鍋,用中火煎魚片
  4. 加上蓋子煮大約5分鐘或待魚熟透 (視乎魚片厚度)
  5. 當魚煎至金黃色便可翻轉煎另一邊,同樣加上蓋子煮大約5分鐘
  6. 上碟並按個人口味配上蔬菜或沙律